Why It’s Important to Buy Health-Conscious Candles

Buying candles can be a therapeutic experience. You find a scent that embodies all the magic that is you--then you’re ready to relax, to party, to add that special something to your space.

But did you know that not all candles are safe for you and your furnishings? Worse, they can actually make you sick!

Lots of candles, air fresheners and incense (especially the cheap ones!) contain toxic pollutants such as petroleum, formaldehyde and phthalates. These chemicals are linked to everything from birth defects to lung disease to cancer.

Instead choose a candle that is:

  • Free of artificial dyes

  • Lead free

  • Chemical free

  • Made in the US

With Iconic Scents, you can have an exemplary experience while knowing that what you have in your home is safe for you, your family and your furnishings. Light a candle in your living room, your bedroom, a yoga studio or patio and be at peace with a scent that  improves your well-being.

Mary Ann Murphy