Ready Your Home for the Holidays



Whether you’re celebrating a specific holiday or simply celebrating the season of togetherness, be sure to create a sense of warmth and coziness in your home. The holiday season includes so many defining features, and one of them is scent. With the right candle, you add character to any space, inviting the inhabitants and guests alike to be at ease, come together and celebrate.



This is the time to embrace all that glitters. Hang sparkling decor, eat off the most ostentatiously shiny flatware and set a magical scene with garland lights. During this time of year there’s no limit to how much you can sparkle. Who knows, the holiday season may inspire you to add more sparkle to your home throughout the year.



You may want your home to look like a page from a luxury catalogue for the holiday season. But your home can still have an air of sophistication while including personal touches that make it unique to you and your loved ones. Include storied decor and ornaments, photos and items with sentimental value.


Unique to the Holidays

Sparkle and lush elements may live in your home year-round, making the holidays a subtle departure from your regular interior dressings. That’s why you want to utilize elements that can only be used during the holidays to make the season truly special.

Mary Ann Murphy