What is Iconic? Iconic is a sense of being. A lifestyle. The name emblazoned on the souls of the seekers. We seek connection. Meaning. A sense of home found beyond the bounds of four walls, but within each of us. 

Our Scents are a celebration of self in the most sensory fashion—like you, they are a mélange of the rare, the magical, the alluring. 

Meticulously formulated with only the most premium ingredients, our luxury candles are non-corrosive to your furnishings, are safe for those in your home, and are benign to the environment. 

More, Iconic Scents have a conscientious and functional twist. Every Iconic Scents’ votive gains a second life as a decorative drinking glass. Better, 10% of our proceeds are donated to charitable causes, because we believe in building our planetary community. 

We hope you will join us on this journey to imbue our homes—found within and without—to be better, brighter, Iconic.